Easy access to weather station data, historic and projected gridded and remote sensing data;
Obtain subsets of large datasets; Data Visualization and Analysis


  • Historic Weather Station Data
  • Historic Gridded Datasets (US)
    • PRISM
    • NRCC Interpolated
  • Gridded Projection Datasets
    • LOCA (US/Canada/Mexico)
    • NARCCAP (US)
  • Remote Sensing Datasets
    • LANDSAT (Global)
    • MODIS (Global)

Analysis Tools

  • Station Finder
  • Single Point Products
    for individual weather stations or gridpoints
  • Multi Point Products
    for stations and gridpoints in states, climate divisions, counties, basins and custom polygons

Monitoring Tools

  • Weather and Climate at a Glance
    • Current Weather Maps
    • Climate Anomaly Maps
    • Water, Snow and Drought Information
    • Outlooks