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The purpose of this project is to complete the development of climate data inventories for the National Park Service (NPS) Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program. Ultimately one report will be available for each of the 32 networks. This project represents a joint collaboration with the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) and the NPS I&M Program. Inventories for some networks have already been completed under other arrangements, and others are partially completed. The project will also provide information on the design of climate observing networks, as well as the development of protocols and advice on various aspects of implementing and maintaining programs of climate observations. A similar NPS web page for this project can be found here.

The 32 networks are shown on the map below.

Network inventories are scheduled to be completed by autumn of 2006. This project will also provide a number of links to sources of climatic data nationwide that have been developed by WRCC and the other five regional climate centers, and by other elements of state and local government. In addition, there are links available to a variety of monitoring functions. All are available through the accompanying tabs and their menus. This project greatly overlaps with a number of ongoing functions relating to observations, and takes advantage of a connecting structure being built called the Applied Climate Information System (ACIS). Download the ACIS brochure [ hi-res | low-res ] for more information.

Facilities are also present to allow individual networks to upload reports and files, and to view such material, and to follow the progress of the effort.

We are open to suggestions for better ways of performing these functions.

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