• Station Data
    • Station data information
    • Station network information
  • Gridded/Modeled Data
    • Historic Gridded Datasets
      PRISM (US), NRCC Interpolated (US)
    • Gridded Projection Datasets
      LOCA (US/Canada/Mexico)
      NARCCAP (US)
  • Remote Sensing Datasets
    LANDSAT (Global), MODIS (Global)

  • Station Finder
    • Find stations with data for specific climate variables and time range.
  • Single Point Products
    • Monthly and annual summary tables and time series
    • Climatologies
    • Compare station to gridded data at a lon,lat coordinate
  • Multi Point Products
    • Summarize data over custom polygons or Climate Divisions, Counties, States, etc.
    • Compute spatial summaries (Time Series)
    • Compute temporal summaries (Maps)


SCENIC is a web page under development at the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC)
as part of WRCC’s contribution to the Southwest Climate Science Center (SWCSC).

The purpose of SCENIC is to support the research and decision making efforts of the SW-CSC,
the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC), and other stakeholders concerned with natural resource management.

The web pages serve as an access point for climate data and analysis tools for the Southwest
as well as the rest of the contiguous U.S.