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Currently data is available from Jan 2001 to current
 List desired dates in the format yymmdd (Ex 010212 = 2001 Feb 12)
(temporary) Use Unix wild cards (* and ?) if you know how to
(temporary) Certain Unix regular expressions work also (but not .)
0101* gets all January 2001
01* gets all of 2001
01??0? gets all 2001 dates that are in the first 10 days of a month

NOTE: Due to recent changes and updates in transmission formats of SNOTEL data by NRCS and NWS
it is recommended that the snotel data be accessed by the WRCC SNOTEL graph
and lister program, unless you desire the shef coded data format and know how to decode it.
The WRCC SNOTEL graph and lister program can be accessed at

WRCC SNOTEL Graphs and Listings

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