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Pricing and Formats

Climate data may be obtained from the Western Regional Climate Center through WRCC Personnel. Data requests processed by personnel within the climate center are typically completed within 2 hours. However, the larger requests may take up to 72 hours. The WRCC data archives are extensive and you may want to visit our historical data or projects web pages for a complete listing of available data.

Data and products are free whenever a service request can be answered by phone or email. Otherwise, service requests carry a processing fee. Payments for these orders can be made with a check, money order, cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Data files are usually an ASCII text format sent by email or FTP. We can also send the data by mail or fax, however there is an additional charge of $1 per page to fax and we cannot fax over 10 pages.

Why do we charge? We do not charge for the data; the fees assessed are to recover the costs of providing the information, including information delivery, processing, reproduction and the computer systems necessary to maintain and process the data.

The following fees apply to all requests handled by WRCC staff.


Service Fee
Service Charge: $20 in addition to all order fees
Daily data $10 for 1-12 months or
$20 for 13+ months
$5 for each additional station
Monthly data
$10 for one station,
$5 for each additional
Hourly data
Airport Examples:

$10 per month
$25 per year
$100 for 4+ years
*per station*
Hourly Precipitation Data
10 for 1-12 months or
$20 for 13+ months
$5 for each additional station
Custom Data Sets: Cost vary
Wind Rose (Airports) $75 per site. 1992-2000 includes graphics. 2000 and after will not have graphics
Upper Air Data (thru 5/1992)
$10 per month
$25 per year
$100 for 4+ years
*per station*
Lightning Data (thru Nov 1996) $30 per cell.
For current data, contact Vaisala
Avg. Hourly Wind Speeds by Month $10 per site
Precipitation-Frequency Duration $10 per site
Consecutive Days of Occurrences $10 per site
Staff Services/Data Analysis $50 per hour
Fed Ex Shipments $15 minimum or total shipping cost.

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